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Female Brazilian Waxing

We are the Wellington “experts” for this delicate little wax.

First time – no problem. Step into the privacy of a Waxnlaser state-of-the-art waxing room and join the thousands of others who step out and say; “that wasn’t as bad as I thought”.

Treat yourself to our signature Brazilian waxing or, if you are more “traditional”, we invented the Brazalini™ just for you.

For painless Brazilian waxing sometimes, faster is just better. Our Waxing Technicians will create a masterpiece of smooth tidiness and you will be glowing. Go on, you know you want to. You come, we wax, you smile!

MAINTENANCE (Under 6 weeks)
All off or leave a strip
MAINTENANCE (6-12 weeks)
All off or leave a strip
First time with Waxnlaser or over 12 weeks
The "Retro" Brazilian wax
The "Retro" Brazilian

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Brazilian Wax FAQ

Have a question about getting a Brazilian wax?  If we haven’t answered it in the FAQ’s click the button to ask us something else. We will email you a private answer.

Brazilian Wax Areas

This is where we remove the hair during a Brazilian wax

Removing your hair from front, back and in-between.

The “retro” Brazilian leaves your hair on top but clean down below and out the back.

It usually takes us anywhere from 20 to 30 minutes. It can be done faster for long term and regular waxers.
It’s really up to you. Your therapist will ask you what you want before starting. Sometimes the Brazilian area can extend further into the upper thigh so check with your therapists if this is included. Generally all the hair is removed from the labia and anal areas however let us know if you don’t want that. Otherwise tell us how much hair you want to keep and the shape you would like. The Brazalini is designed to be a more natural look so generally most of the hair is left on top.
The first wax after shaving (or ever) can be more painful than usual because there are generally more hairs in the area. The pain gets much less as you become a regular waxer. Some hairs will “seem to” grow back more quickly after the first wax because they’re just under the skin. However after about your third wax the hair growth “seems” to slow down as it gets “in sync” and the hair becomes softer. Our therapists really do know what they’re doing; they will make you feel comfortable.
Generally wait at least 2 to 3 weeks since the last time you shaved so the hair will be long enough to wax. Think Basmati rice grain length, around 2mm. If the hair is too short it can make the wax more painful and a higher risk of hair breakage.
Best not!!! Even if you think you have your own personal furry creature growing down there, don’t trim. The longer the hair, the better the wax will grab it and the smoother your results will be. Remember, if it is too long we will trim it for you. So don’t worry, there’s absolutely nothing we haven’t seen before! It might seem unusual for you but it’s normal for us.
No, however we ask you to be clean. We offer wet wipes in the room as a final prep. Our advice: It can make it easier if you gently exfoliate the night before to get rid of dead skin build-up around the hair follicles and a warm bath or shower shortly before your appointment can make the skin softer allowing for easier hair removal. Take a Panadol (not ibuprofen because it’s a blood thinner) about 20 minutes before if you’re worried about pain.
Generally wait at least 3 weeks since the last time you shaved so the hair will be long enough to wax. (think Basmati rice grain length.)

We recommend no heavy exercise, where you will break out in a sweat, for at least 12 hours to give the follicles time to heal and close (reduces chances of infection). Swimming, spray tanning, and saunas are not recommended within 12 hours of waxing. Wait 2 to 4 weeks after waxing for any deep exfoliation of the waxed area such as microdermabrasion, peels or laser treatments.

No, although things may be a little irritated for an hour or two after the wax so comfortable underwear may be wise but certainly not essential.

Of course ripping hair out of follicles isn’t going to be a completely comfortable experience. However, one of the reasons we have specialised in Brazilian waxing for so many years, is because we have found ways and waxes that reduce the pain – a lot. Then we train our therapists how it’s done. So many of our first-time Brazilian clients tell us of their surprise at how little it hurt.  If you are tired or it’s that time of the month it can be more of a challenge so we suggest you pop a Panadol (but not ibuprofen because it’s a blood thinner) 20 minutes before your wax.

It’s not a great time to be waxed as you will be way more sensitive than usual and we usually recommend you wait for a day or two. However it’s over to you. Our therapists are fine waxing you at this time so long as it’s under control.

We would prefer you didn’t. Numbing creams can interfere with the application of the wax or, in certain situations, cause allergic reactions, which can look like a reaction to the wax.

Yes there’s nothing in our wax that can cause problems and our beds can be adjusted if you can’t. Some well organised mothers have a Brazilian a day or two before their due date just to be tidy for the big occasion.

We have used the same wax formulas for over a decade and experienced pretty much zero allergic reactions from our clients.


Glyceryl rosinate, hydrogenated polycyclopentadiene, paraffin, microcrystalline wax, cetearyl alcohol, ricinus communis seed oil, parfum, mica, eugenol*, hexyl cinnamaldehyde*, linalool*, limonene*, butylphenyl methylpropional*, benzyl salicylate*, ci 61565, ci 47000, ci 77891

*perfume components


Hydrogenated polycyclopentadiene, cocos nucifera oil, paraffinum liquidum, canola oil, cetearyl alcohol, paraffin, ricinus communis seed oil, parfum, mentha piperita oil, coumarin*, benzyl alcohol*, linalool*, limonene*, citral*, ci 61565, ci 47000, ci 77891

*perfume components

Ingrown hairs are common after Brazilian waxing because of the “curly” nature of this type of hair (the new hair curls under the skin instead of growing out through the skin). We will recommend one of our ingrown hair prevention products and regular exfoliation with a quality mitt as the usual course of action.

No. Waxing pulls the hair from the follicle weakening the root. So, if anything it will grow back weaker, more sparse and easier to remove next time.

No, but it will become more sparse and have a finer texture if you wax on a regular basis.

Please don’t!! The hair will be shorter when you come in for your next visit and the wax won’t grab as well. Also, shaving creates ingrown hairs, redness and irritation. If you have an urge to de-clutter make your appointments every four weeks instead of five.

We do get asked this question all the time and the answer is ABSOLUTELY NOT! We have waxed clients in their early seventies. You are never too old, so get your wax on!

Hmmm there are arguments for both sides on this one. Alcohol is a stimulant and can make your skin more sensitive to waxing while others say they don’t notice this. If you are embarrassed about baring your “bits”, a glass of wine may help you relax??

If you’re yoga flexible and can twist yourself into crazy positions to reach those nooks and crannies, go for it. You might also consider joining the circus.  It’s really a difficult wax so best to see a professional and enjoy being looked after by someone who knows what they are doing.

Yes it certainly can!!  Certain medications such as Accutane thin out the skin making it more likely for you to be bruised or burned during your waxing session. If you are unsure about your medication please call us and speak to one of our therapists before you come in. We have quite good knowledge of which medicines are problematic because we need to know this to provide safe laser treatments.

Plan on waiting at least 24 hours after your treatment to tan. And do not come in right after a fresh spray tan because the wax will take it right off.

Whether you want a pre-wedding wax or just a vacation-ready bikini line, we recommend you plan to have at least two waxes before the event. This will ensure you do not have any reactions to the wax before the big day. It also gets the first wax – which is the most uncomfortable – out of the way. The second wax will also provide a much smoother, cleaner result with less post-wax tenderness. If you don’t have time to squeeze in two waxing sessions then go at least three to four days prior to your special occasion.

Double dipping is when a waxing therapist dips the waxing spatula back into the wax pot after using it on you (or someone else) – possibly allowing the spread of infection. We dip a spatula into the wax only once and then throw it in the trash, so the wax being applied is always sterile. We also use a fresh wax cartridge (strip wax) for each client and wipe surfaces with medi-wipes between clients. You can enjoy your clean, smooth skin without the worries from going to the scary waxing places.

We get a lot of “emergency” Brazilians for that “hot date” and while you might want to share your new look with a loved one right away,  we always suggest waiting at least 24 hours. Friction and perspiration can aggravate the skin and your body is most susceptible to outside bacteria that might cause an infection of the hair follicle known as folliculitis. If you just can’t avoid any action make sure to use (a gentle) anti-bacterial wash as soon as possible afterwards.

Unfortunately, reactions to waxing can occur on sensitive areas. It’s very unlikely to be an allergy to the wax and most often it’s a histamine reaction (the body’s natural reaction to tissue injury) which will go away in 24 hours but sometimes the reaction can be an infection, which is much more serious. You must tell us if you are using any kind of retinol, peeling creams or have been taking antibiotics, as these may have an adverse effect on your wax. We will always provide nourishing healing creams for you to massage into your skin after a wax, but sometimes irritation can appear when you get home or even the next day.

If you bump up after a wax, call us! We will probably instruct you to apply a little cortisone or calendula cream on the area. In some cases, we’ll have you come into the clinic so we can treat the area. Again, we cannot emphasise how important it is to call us about this.


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