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There’s comfort in the tried and true. Even though we use the latest digital equipment from Carlton UK, electrolysis technology has been around since 1875 when Dr. Charles Michel, an ophthalmologist, invented the system to remove painful ingrown eyelashes. Electrolysis is a well proven permanent hair removal system.

Our electrolysis technicians are certified specialists within the already specialised Waxnlaser clinic teams. They’re all a little bit unusual because they seem to love the thrill of sliding out a hair and look forward to the next “good” session. Go figure? But you’re in good hands.

There’s quite a bit more information about electrolysis in the FAQ section below:


Session Times
15 MINUTES (minimum)$40
35 MINUTES (maximum)$60
CONSULTATION (10-20 minutes)Free

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Electrolysis FAQ

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Electrolysis hair removal is a proven and effective method of permanently removing hair. Each hair is treated individually by having a tiny probe inserted down the hair follicle shaft to deliver a small electric current which destroys the dermal papilla (the hair matrix germ cells). Once destroyed the hair follicle will either not grow another hair or will grow a much weaker, finer hair.

The great advantage of electrolysis is any hair can be treated without worrying about the hair or skin colour. The disadvantage is the time it takes to do the treatment at around one hair per minute. The big advantage of laser hair removal is how fast the treatment can be with literally thousands of hair zapped in a fraction of a second. The disadvantage is laser needs colour to be present in the hair for laser to work and without that colour laser is pretty useless.

Electrolysis hair removal is best when there are few hairs to be treated. This is most often found on the face where large individual hairs can be dealt to. Facial hair is often hormonal so new hairs will continue to sprout. Regular ongoing electrolysis sessions are needed to keep clearing the area.

Electrolysis is also effective for hair that laser can’t treat such as light coloured hair or the remaining hair after completing a series of laser treatments. Treating the larger areas or quantities of hair in these cases requires longer electrolysis sessions over a longer period of time.

Electrolysis works best in smaller areas or where there’s a skin colour border, e.g. on the lip line or around nipples.

We are mostly treating the face – lip, chin, sides and eyebrows and stray hairs on the tummy line or “snail trail”. Larger areas such as bikini or under arms are better treated with the laser.

You must have a 20-30 minute consultation prior to receiving any electrolysis treatment. It’s where we will assess your suitability for electrolysis, explore alternatives and give you feedback as to what results we think we can give you.

Your medical history will be taken to check you are medically suitable. (Bring along a list of any medication you are taking).

The treatment area and type of hair growing in the area will be checked (often by plucking out a hair to examine its follicle root). So it’s best if you stop shaving a day or so before and don’t wax or pluck for a while (sorry).

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