Laser Hair Removal



laser hair removal with a guarantee

Why Choose Waxnlaser?

Others will tell you they have the best equipment or the lowest prices, or claim to have both but if you want real results at reasonable prices – we do that.

It’s called our #AlwaysReady programme and it works because we have:

  • Very special lasers designed for hair removal.
  • Experience. 1st & longest with laser in Wellington.
  • Excellence in dark skin treatments.
  • Guaranteed results.
  • Payment options without interest or fees.
  • Ethically prescribed Personal Treatment Plans.

The #AlwaysReady programme entitles you to a personalised laser hair reduction course aiming for a guaranteed reduction in hair.

World Class Results

Waxnlaser are Wellington’s Leading Hair Removal Specialists.

We have the best equipment in Wellington.
Real lasers from the world’s leading supplier. We recently replaced our diode lasers with the very latest high-powered specialist hair-removal lasers from Candela Medical. High power and short pulse duration allows treatment of fine hair and is particularly effective whatever skin colour.

We have the safest equipment in Wellington for laser hair reduction.
The computers in our lasers determine the optimal safe settings for your treatment and our experienced laser therapists can fine tune these settings and customise each session to give you the best results.

We do more dark-skin treatments than anybody else.
Our lasers have a long-pulse mode fantastic for treating darker skin tones effectively and safely. Over the years we have built a large client base with many referrals.

We do ethical prescribing based on your personal hair growth cycles.
We either tell you when you are unsuitable for treatment (and don’t take your money) or schedule the correct number of weeks between treatments to get optimum results for you. Laser treatments scheduled too closely together just cost you more without benefit. Explained further at your free consultation.

We choose the highest level of training possible for our laser therapists.
We have been using laser and IPL in New Zealand since it first became available. Our laser therapists are certified as Level 3 Advanced Laser Technicians and they are qualified to the Queensland Laser Safety standards (the only government regulations available in Australasia).

Our reputation and business completely depend on being able to provide you with effective permanent hair reduction. We are Wellington’s leading specialist and still growing.

We guarantee our work.

The Waxnlaser #AlwaysReady™ programme entitles you to a personalised laser hair reduction course aiming for a guaranteed long-term reduction in hair.*

How does the guarantee start?
If we agree you have not achieved our estimated hair reduction percentage by the end of your initial treatment course the guarantee period will start (details below).

What you must do

The initial treatment course is set out in your Personal Treatment Plan and quotation. For your guarantee to remain valid, you must:

  • Keep to the recommended treatment intervals.
  • Follow the before and after care prescribed by your Laser Therapist, e.g. adequate sun protection for the treatment area.
  • Arrive for your appointments with the area to be treated ready for treatment, e.g. shaved, not tanned, clean & cosmetic free.

How does the guarantee work?
During a 12 month guarantee period Waxnlaser will provide you with additional treatments (up to 5 sessions 12 weeks apart) at no further cost. (The guarantee period timing starts immediately following the end of your Personal Treatment Plan treatment course).

Other Terms & Conditions

  • If you need to stop treatments within your treatment course period for any reason (for example pregnancy), the guarantee is invalidated.
  • Guarantees are restricted to the initial body area that has been agreed to be treated.
  • Guarantees cannot be transferred between Waxnlaser clinics.
  • Guarantees do not apply if you have an underlying medical condition that adversely affects long-term results (will be discussed at your free consultation). Waxnlaser has an alternative programme for you.

*Some hair may not be treatable. (We will do our best to explain to you at your free consultation and during your laser course what is meant by “untreatable” hair).

The Waxnlaser Promise:

  1. TRUTH – Waxnlaser will tell you the truth about what we can and can’t achieve. We will not accept you for treatment when we know we can’t give you a good result.
  2. ETHICAL PRESCRIBING – Waxnlaser will schedule your appointments at the correct intervals best for you and will not give you unecessary treatments.
  3. QUALITY – Waxnlaser will use the best technology and safest equipment available in the world. Our Candela lasers are true lasers (not IPL, VPL or SPL machines being called “lasers” when they aren’t lasers at all).
  4. EXPERIENCE – Waxnlaser are hair removal specialists with multiple years of laser/IPL experience. Our laser therapists are all fully trained, certified and competent.
  5. REPUTATION – As specialists our business and our brand depends on referrals. There’s a dilemma in our industry – satisfied laser clients do not come back (because their problem has been permanently resolved). Ask around, our reputation is good.

Laser can bring peace of mind by ending the repetitive nature of hair removal using other methods. Be #AlwaysReady™.

Facial Hair
Plucking and sometimes waxing, if not done properly, can cause hair to grow back more strongly eventually creating hairs so deep even laser can’t reach.

Bleaching looks good from a distance but needs redoing. Electrolysis, where a needle is inserted into the hair shaft delivering an electrical charge to kill the hair, works well when there are only a few hairs to treat. Laser removes the most hair quickly but don’t wait until you are too old because once the hair turns grey it’s often too late.

Body Hair
The biggest problem with shaving body hair such as underarms, legs or bikini is stubble and sometimes ingrown hairs (pseudofolliculitus barbea).
Waxing lasts longer and the hair grows back softer but it needs to be long enough, becoming untidy, before it can be rewaxed. Laser stops the hair growing back eliminating the stubble and untidiness forever*. Laser is also medically recognised as an effective permanent treatment for ingrown hair problems.

Shaving, plucking or bleaching are the least costly methods of hair removal but also have the most problems, i.e. fast regrowth (1-2 days), irritation from stubble and ingrown hairs and development of stronger facial hairs. Waxing costs more and gives excellent results but only for up to 6 weeks.
Laser is no longer expensive and will cost far less than waxing e.g. regular Brazilian waxing costs around $500 per year and an 8 x treatment course of Brazilian laser costs $632 with the hair permanently gone*. Imagine not having to shave again or wait for the hair to become long enough to be waxed – #AlwaysReady.

*New hair, from previously dormant follicles, can grow in treated areas most likely due to hormonal changes.


Certainly look for competitive prices and second opinions when deciding where to go for hair removal treatments but at the moment there’s a trend towards very low priced laser hair removal treatments in Australia and New Zealand and “cheap prices” can also mean you are taking a risk.

To allow these astoundingly low prices shortcuts get taken. Very little time is allowed for the laser operator to give you the treatment. There’s not enough time to discuss aftercare safety and properly evaluate outcomes for you.

To improve the clinic’s margins laser treatments are scheduled too frequently so you end up having more treatments than needed without any improved result.

Laser operators are under pressure to get through the high volume of clients and to up-sell you into the clinic’s high value services. It’s great for the clinic but a real budget experience for you.

And worst of all, there’s no guarantee and no refund. Will you get a reasonable reduction of hair? It’s all at your risk and if you don’t get what you want – well too bad at least the price was cheap.