Alkaline Wash



Remove Fluffy Facial Hair

What to do if you really don’t want your “peach fuzz” fluffy facial hair?

It’s best not to wax as this can stimulate stronger hair to grow. Laser doesn’t work because the hair doesn’t have enough pigment and there’s no follicle to kill off either.

This is where Waxnlaser offers alkaline wash to help.

Alkaline wash is a mild alkaline paste applied to your face which quickly dissolves the hair. Typical results from alkaline wash last between three & five weeks.

And the good news is alkaline wash not only de-fluffs it’s a mild skin-peel too. We like to think of it more as a “beautiful last resort.” Our specialists are experts at using this quite technical approach.

Come in for a free consultation and find out how will work for you.

Alkaline Wash Prices

UPPER LIP (20 minutes)$40
CHIN (20 minutes)$40
SIDES (20 minutes)$40
LIP & CHIN (30 minutes)$60
LIP, CHIN & SIDES (40 minutes)$80
CONSULTATION (20-30 minutes)Free
Product purchase is required with the first treatment. $95

Alkaline Wash FAQ’s

Have a question about Alkaline Wash?  If we haven’t answered it in the FAQ’s click the button to ask us something else. We will email you a private answer.

Alkaline Wash hair removal is a treatment to remove the fine (often white) fluffy hair on your face. A strong alkaline paste, applied to you skin for a few minutes, dissolves the hair at the skin surface and a little way below the skin.

After the first treatment your hair will grow back at its normal rate (3-4 weeks), but as you have more treatments over time regrowth can be slower.

Some clients are extremely happy to report significant reductions in hair regrowth with the time between treatments lasting many months. However there’s no guarantee this will happen for everyone as the long term effects are dependent on the type of hair and each person’s individual situation.

The treatment is pain free. In some cases the area treated can appear red and irritated. This is normal and will go away in a few hours.

Is Alkaline Wash better than waxing?

Alkaline Wash is better for facial hair removal because your hair will not grow back stronger, as can happen with waxing and there’s a chance it may be permanently reduced instead.

Yes, everyone must have a 10-20 minute consultation prior to receiving any Alkaline Wash treatment. It’s where we will assess your suitability for the treatment, explore alternatives and give you feedback as to what results we think we can give you.

No, Alkaline Wash is not suitable for darker skin tones because of the risk of skin discolouration. We will advise you if you are suitable in a consultation.

Like a mild facial peel an Alkaline Wash can improve skin texture however you may experience dry skin for up to 7 days, particularly after the first treatment, and our pricing for the first treatment includes a post peel healing product. Your therapist will advise which is best for your skin.

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