Facial Waxing



Lip, Chin & Sides Waxing

Facial waxing in Wellington by experts.

Yes it’s routine and dreary maintenance so you may as well enjoy. The Waxnlaser Waxing Technicians do lip, chin & sides waxing many times every single day. It may be routine to you but it’s skilled work to us.

Typical results from facial waxing last between three & five weeks.

Worried about redness? We like to think of it more as a “beautiful blush.” But, don’t stress—our technicians are experts at using a gentler approach to keep your recent service our little secret.

Go ahead beautiful—it’s time to face the world hair-free and carefree.

Female Facial Waxing Prices

Above upper lip
From bottom lip to neck
Front of face
Cheeks to ears
FULL FACE (excl. brows)
Everything but not eyebrows
Everything including eyebrows

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Facial Waxing FAQ’s

Have a question about getting a facial wax?  If we haven’t answered it in the FAQ’s click the button to ask us something else. We will email you a private answer.

Sadly the opposite of what you want will happen. Eyebrows, where you want lots of hair, will thin out over time. Product such as LiBrow can cause them to grow back but, if you do nothing, they will thin. On the other hand hormonal hair growth such as on the lip and chin is likely to get worse as you get older or because of pregnancy. Waxing itself won’t affect the rate of hair growth too much (one way or the other) but it can cause the thinner finer vellus hair to grow back thicker because it can cause increased blood supply to the root. Talk to us for advice on this because we deal with it every day.

Yes, you can wax while on the pill. Just make sure you wear sunscreen daily on any parts exposed to UV light, especially the face. Birth control pills make your skin extra sensitive to the sun and can cause hyperpigmentation. This is when patches of the skin become darker than the surrounding areas. Sunscreen is a must do in anyone’s daily regimen whether they wax or not.

It can happen, faces are sensitive. Try not to touch the area and temporarily keep away from your regular face creams as they may be contaminated. Go for a gentle healing or antiseptic cream. Aloe or Tea Tree Oil help soothe and prevent the area from breaking out. Oh, and don’t forget a good facial sunscreen.

NO!! Exfoliation combined with waxing could cause the skin to become overly irritated or possibly even cause the skin to lift when waxing. You also have a higher risk of discoloration or hyperpigmentation up to three weeks after a strong chemical peel. It is best to wait at least two weeks after a chemical peel to get waxed. And use that sunscreen!

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