Student Discount

Students (or anyone) can request a Wait-List appointment and get 20% off waxing, Brazilians or brows.

We use Wait-List Bookings to provide short-notice appointments when we need to fill a cancellation or are having a slow day. This is great for students, who usually have some flexibility and are located nearby, but anyone can use this.

How It Works

In your Wait-List Booking you get to say when you are available and what service you want. The clinic receives this as an email. We gather all the requests and when we have a cancellation we will call or email the best fit to offer an appointment, probably at quite short notice. There’s no guarantee you will get an appointment, especially at real busy times, but keep trying because you will probably get in eventually.

Each booking has a maximum validity of 24 hours. You will need to submit a new booking if you didn’t get an appointment after the “Your Availability” time has expired.