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Laser, it’s the real deal, to deal to unwanted hair. At Waxnlaser we are pretty proud to guarantee the highest quality most effective and safest hair removal treatments available in Wellington today.

That’s experience talking baby.

We are the only people in Wellington with the screamingly powerful dual-energy Elos Plus diode lasers. These are the “beam me up Scotty” real lasers which, together with our Personal Treatment Plans, take away the guesswork with individual treatment strategies based on your personal hair growth cycle, payment options and our #AlwaysReady Guarantee. Oh yes!

Ditch that razor with its stubble and horrible ingrowns. (Don’t tell our waxers) but save the cost of regular waxing and enjoy the freedom, yes the FREEEDOMMMM of #AlwaysReady. The #1 reason for getting a laser Brazilian is the cleanliness. Do it for yourself!

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Laser Hair Removal Prices

Laser PricesRegularPrepay SpecialWeekly
LIP & CHIN$75 $39$12.25
SIDES OF FACE$75 $39$12.25
FULL FACE incl. neck$150 $75$22.50
UNDER ARMS$90 $35$7.00
BIKINI$100 $39$8.17
BRAZILIAN$150 $79$15.83
BRAZILIAN & UNDER ARMS$240 $99$19.17
1/2 LEGS$245 $99$14.88
1/2 ARMS$125 $79$15.83
CONSULTATION (15-20 minutes. $20 charge for late cancel or no show.)Free

This is a small selection of treatment areas (come see us for other areas). Regular pricing is for a single treatment. You can pay as you go or by weekly installments. Prepay discount is per treatment when 4, 6 or 8 treatments are prepaid. More information will be provided at your consultation.

Terms & conditions of prepay laser prices can be seen here

Laser Hair Removal FAQ

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It’s who we are. We have been doing laser hair removal longer than anyone else and have invested in the most suitable laser technology from Candela the global leader in hair removal laser. The quality of our machines, the depth of our training and expertise and our uncompromising hygiene and client safety is what defines us as a business – every single day.

Laser permanently removes hair by destroying the active matrix (the germ cells that grow hair found deep inside a hair follicle) using heat. The trick is to get enough heat down there under your skin without also burning your skin. That’s why the quality of the equipment and skill of the operator are really important.

Unfortunately not everyone is. Our laser equipment can treat all skin colours (most can’t do this) however the colour and type of your hair matters. Lighter coloured hair; blonde, grey, white or red generally gets poor to zero reduction and the thin fluffy hair (mostly on the face), even though dark, is also unlikely to have good results. There are also many contra-indications to laser which mean you can’t be treated, e.g. pregnancy, taking medication that increase the skin’s light sensitivity such as Accutane and many others which will be discussed at your free consultation.

For the technically minded our lasers are called Elos Plus from Syneron/Candela. These are multi-platform devices (translation: do lots of stuff) and for hair reduction use dual energy technology combining diode laser at 810nm wavelength (light) with RF (an electric current).
Elos actually stands for Electro Optical Synergy.  Diode laser is considered to give the best hair reduction results (but is not so widely used because it costs more to run and can be a little more painful). RF is an electrical pulse fired out from 2 x electrodes in the laser head at the same time as the laser. The RF provides an additional heat source without needing colour in the hair to work. It’s useful as a way to reduce the risk of burning from the laser and provides instantaneous temperature measurements under the skin significantly increasing client safety.

We provide this answer based on publicly available information to allow you to make an informed choice of hair removal supplier:

Caci Clinics – use Energist IPL equipment. This is not a laser however Caci refer to their service as “Laser Hair Removal”, which is a bit naughty. Update: Some Caci clinics have now introduced diode lasers. These are similar to ours but without the dual energy technology.

Nearly all laser clinics in Wellington use the same equipment – the Candela “Gentle” technology. These lasers have two outputs;  Alexandrite 755nm (for lighter skin tones) and GentleYag Pro Nd Yag 1064nm (for darker skin tones). This technology is designed for the clinic to maximise profits. They are the cheapest to run and are widely used  to provide highly discounted laser treatments. This technology is used by:
-Laser Clinics NZ
-The Cosmetic Clinic
-Off Wax & Laser
-SkinDeep Laser Petone

Vein & Skin Clinic in Mt Victoria, Wellington – use a LightSheer diode laser 800nm an older version of a device very popular with Aesthetic doctors in the USA.

Other clinics – all other clinics in Wellington (as far as we know) do not have real lasers and use IPL equipment. Sadly many of these clinics still call their services “Laser Hair Removal”.

Everyone must have a 20-30 minute consultation prior to receiving any laser treatment. It’s where we will assess your suitability for laser and give you feedback as to what results (percentage hair reduction) we think we can give you.

  • Your medical history will be taken to check you are medically suitable. (Bring along a list of any medication you are taking).
  • The treatment area and type of hair growing in the area will be checked (often by plucking out a hair to examine its follicle root). So it’s best if you stop shaving a day or so before and don’t wax or pluck for a while (sorry).
  • The hair growth cycle will be explained (see details later in this section).
  • A Personal Treatment Plan will be provided giving you pricing and payment options.

Our Personal Treatment Plans are a written commitment by us informing you of the results we think we can give you (the amount of hair we will clear expressed as a percentage hair reduction), how we will guarantee this, the number and frequency of treatments we think you will need to get that result, the price for treatment and the payment options available.

We want to get you a good result and our guarantee comes from your reasonable commitment to attend all the treatments we prescribe at the time intervals given and follow the before and after care advice. Our estimate of your final hair reduction results is based on our experience and understanding you will follow the plan however as with any medical procedure there can be reasons where further treatments over a longer period may be required. Our guarantee provides those extra treatments, for up to a year, at no extra cost to you.

Not all hair in the treatment area is treatable at the same time so more than one laser treatment is needed to get all the hair.

To understand laser hair removal you need to understand the hair growth cycle which is this – in any part of your body hair grows for a while (anagen), stops growing for a while and falls out (catagen), rests for a while (telogen) then starts growing again. Unfortunately it’s not synchronised with all three things happening with different hairs all at the same time. It’s a bit chaotic really.

It is only during the active growing phase (anagen) where the laser permanently disables hair growth because that’s when hair is actually connected to the active matrix (germ cells that grow hair and other structures down there) allowing enough heat to get to the right bits.

The amount of time hair is in growth phase (anagen) is different in different parts of your body, e.g. on your head 2 or more years (hence longer hair), on your face 4-6 weeks, body 6-8 weeks and legs 10 weeks or more. The period of time hair is anagen is used by us to determine how many weeks between each laser treatment (so we get the maximum growing hairs each treatment).

Initially we will set your treatment times at the average but once we start seeing how your hair is responding to treatment we may increase or decrease the times between treatments.

To get the best results from your investment in laser hair reduction it’s very important you stick to the treatment times we prescribe for you.

Yes, there is plenty of independent medical evidence from studies conducted in controlled conditions concluding that laser permanently stops hair growing. We also have thousands of clients satisfied with their results. However it’s not as simple as that. This is best discussed at your consultation or for you to do more research but firstly not all hair is removed from the area, that’s why we call it hair reduction. And secondly hair may grow back in the area treated. Not usually the same hair but over time (usually years) more hair can grow in the treated areas for various reasons. It’s a good idea to understand why this is before spending your money and being disappointed later.

It can be painful. And our diode lasers are very powerful meaning they can be more painful than other lasers or IPL. We have ways to manage the pain including a cooling device to cool & numb the skin so you don’t have to feel the heat from the laser as much. If the pain worries you ask for a patch test at the consultation and check it out for yourself.

It can be very quick but, obviously the treatment times depends on the size of the area being treated. For example:

Lip, chin, underarm, bikini: 10 minutes
Brazilian, Brazalini, full face, ½ arm: 20 minutes
Full arm, ½ leg: 30 minutes
Full leg: 50 – 60 minutes

This is the question asked most often and sadly one we can’t answer without physically seeing you in a consultation to assess the area and the hair to be treated.  But generally we think around 8 treatment sessions are a good average and top up maintenance sessions may be required in later years.

After a laser treatment session your skin will probably feel hot and look red because we have added considerable heat to the area. We also aim to give you temporary swelling around the base of the hairs indicating they have been successfully targeted. This should settle down within 48 hours.

It is possible to get a superficial burn with risk of hyper or hypo-pigmentation, darkening or lightening of the skin. In most cases this will disappear within 10 days.

Lasers get much better hair removal results than IPL. The lasers we use are designed specifically for hair reduction. IPL has a wider range of uses and is generally better for skin rejuvenation treatments because it has a much shallower skin penetration.

Our Elos Plus machines also have a separate IPL applicator which we use for skin treatments so we have good experience in this. We would never use our IPL functionality for hair removal.

Clinics who offer hair reduction using IPL do so because these machines are much cheaper to buy than lasers (as much as 10 times cheaper). These are the machines that have hair reduction treatments offered at super discounted prices. They can get some results but best avoided.

IPL, often mistakenly referred to as a “laser”, stands for Intense Pulsed Light. IPL is a broad spectrum light spread over the whole treatment area compared to a laser with a concentrated single wavelength of light providing far more concentrated energy. Laser is more focused and better for targeting hair follicles.

One of the problems associated with PCOS can be excessive hair growth. It’s possible to successfully treat this hair with laser but unfortunately new hair, from previously dormant hair follicles, will be triggered to start growing by the hormone imbalance. The area is cleared of hair but not for very long (months instead of years). However laser hair removal keeps excess growth under control.  PCOS clients need ongoing treatments and we provide discounted treatment plans to help with this. Ask us about our PCOS plans at your consultation.

No. Laser will respond to the pigmentation in the tattoo and it will heat up. This can not only ruin the tattoo but can also badly burn you, turning into a scar. We can work around a tattoo but please make sure you tell us about it during your consultation.

Here’s some great advice: if you can wait, have your course of laser hair removal (6-9 months) before you ink up and your tattoo will look even better on a hair-free background.

At Waxnlaser our focus is on getting you results. We prepare your Personal Treatment Plan to achieve this which usually is a recommended course of treatments with a price for the entire course. You then have three payment options:

Instalments – you may pay in weekly, fortnightly or 4 weekly instalments without interest or fees.
Up Front – if you choose to pay for the full course upfront we offer a 10% discount.
Single – you may pay per session. It’s slightly more expensive but you can stop whenever you choose.

Guarantee note: our guarantee requires you to complete the entire recommended course of laser treatments and the guarantee will be invalidated if you stop treatments early.

Prepare the area to be treated BEFORE each treatment. The area will need to be shaved & kept clean & free from any cosmetic products.
Failure to prepare the area can result in us being unable to perform the treatment. You may be charged for the treatment and it may also invalidate the guarantee.

• You MUST shave the area at least 24 hours prior to your treatment.
• The hair needs to be present under your skin as it is the “PATHWAY” for the laser. At least four weeks of growth prior to your treatment.
• Only shave or cut the hair between treatments.
• Do NOT wax, thread, pluck, epilate or bleach the hair for at least 4 weeks prior to starting treatment and during your laser course.

• Avoid any active skincare, skin peels, microdermabrasion, skin laser or injectables on the area 4 weeks prior to any treatment.
• Do not use any body or facial products that have shimmer or glitter particles in them e.g. bronzer, shimmer body lotion prior to treatment.
• If underarm avoid deodorant the morning of treatment.

• We can’t treat if you have a natural or false tan on the area acquired less than 2 weeks prior to any laser treatment. Please tell us – important!
• You MUST use a sunscreen with minimum SPF 30 on the area of treatment, especially on the face, if any sun exposure expected.

• Of any medication or health changes between visits.

The treated area may become hot and inflamed or bruised. This is what you can do:

• For as long as needed (say 2-3 hours), apply ice packs to reduce swelling and avoid internal and external heat sources, e.g. hot showers, saunas and over exertion.

• For 24-48 hours, keep the area dry and clean. A warm shower is OK but try not to touch or contaminate and avoid the swimming pool & gym as even light sweating can lead to infection.

• There’s an increased risk of sunburn and pigmentation for up to 4 weeks. Avoid sun exposure and ALWAYS wear sun block.

• Use soothing moisturiser or Aloe Vera and avoid active skincare, perfumed products and the use of deodorant (for underarms).
• Avoid wearing tight fitting clothing and scratching yourself.
• The hairs will drop out naturally over the following days and weeks. Try not to pull, wax, pluck, or tweeze.

We are available to help if you have any questions or concerns at all.

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