Your private access to Waxnlaser

Sometimes things just get better.

Since you last visited we made some changes and are VERY excited to share them with you…

The link below gives you private access to your account at Waxnlaser, which is now in the cloud.

It’s where you can see your previous appointments, the services you had and who they were with, your personal contact information, the ability to book an appointment and to see any future appointments you have booked, which you can then edit or cancel.

There’s no more waiting to hear back from us about an appointment you requested. You can now do it directly yourself at any time of the day or night.

Add your email

After clicking the link please add your email address to your account – there’s a reward!

The new booking system uses both email and text to connect with you and there’s much more information in the email parts. Including links directly to your appointments allowing you to edit, change or cancel. It’s easy to use, secure and very useful!


As a reward and “thank-you” we would like to offer you 15% off  one of our famous waxing or eyebrow treatments for anytime in the next 6 weeks (up to August 28th) and, if you made the booking using the link and entered the UPDATE15 promo code we will give you 15% off. (See below for T&C’s)

Finally, when you click the link we will send a code to you mobile phone. Enter the code and you will be logged in. Enjoy the new autonomy.

After 18 years of giving Wellington the best waxing and laser hair removal we are pleased to be offering you the extra convenience of booking directly. If you don’t want to do it this way you can still call the clinic or book the old way through our web site.

Thank You
All the Team at Waxnlaser

(Terms & Conditions. The UPDATE15 promo code is only valid if used in the next 7 days – to July 23rd and applies to any waxing or eye treatments but does not include laser, electrolysis or alkaline wash treatments. You may cancel the appointment you book at anytime (up to 24 hours before the appointment date) by using online booking however if you later change the appointment date the discount will no longer apply.)