It’s great to be back

We are so looking forward to seeing you again!

During Level-2, when you come to the clinic for your appointment:

  • Not if you’re sick. Yes it’s obvious, but no matter how enthusiastic you are to get that treatment, please do not come in if you are sick in any way – even if it’s just a cold. Please cancel your appointment and come back when you are well. Please accept our massive thank you for doing that!!
  • Bring a mask!  Please bring and wear your own mask during the treatment to protect your therapist while she catches up with all your news. We can supply you with a mask but there will be a small fee of $2.00 for this.
  • Maybe bring personal wipes?  We will supply you with an individually wrapped personal wipe if needed for the treatment you will be having but it may be even safer if you were to bring and use your own small pack of personal wipes. Just let your therapist know what you want to do.
  • Arrival time.  The waiting area is required to have social distancing restrictions. We will be busy, so for us to manage this please try to arrive for your appointment as near to the appointment time as possible. Let reception know you have arrived and, if there is a wait time, you may be asked to wait outside the clinic.
  • Payment.  Only one person at a time at reception to pay. If there is someone in front of you please wait nearby maintaining a 1 metre distance as required.
  • Booking Priorities.  In the first few days after we reopen there will be too few appointments available for everyone to get in at once. We intend to give priority to existing clients who missed an appointment during the lockdown. If you would like an appointment go ahead and send a new online booking request.
  • Hygiene.  The clinic and your treatment room will be kept sanitised & safe as follows:

-All touch areas will be wiped with a viricidal wipe after every client, e.g. client chair, door handle, etc.
-The bed will have a fresh disposable cover (we always do that anyway) and you will be given a freshly laundered towel or sheet as a modesty cover if required for the treatment you will be having.
-There will be an individually wrapped personal wipe for you to use. But it’s also a good idea if you want to bring your own travel pack of wipes.
-Your therapist will be wearing fresh disposable gloves for every client and our usual exemplary high levels of hygiene will continue.

We are really excited to see you again!

Waxnlaser team