How Does Hair Grow?


Have you ever wondered why your beauty therapist tells you to come back for your next wax in 4-6 weeks time? Perhaps thought that maybe you should come sooner or much later?Hair Growth is ComplexHair is far more complex than it appears on the surface. At any one time a random number of hairs will [...]

How Does Hair Grow?2018-03-04T17:47:12+13:00

Avoid Ingrowns


Ingrown hairs can be painful and a nuisance. They typically affect people with thick, curly hair, and can become infected if left untreated. But, how should they be treated and can they be prevented? Preventing ingrown hairs can often be managed at home, though there are times when a visit to the doctor may [...]

Avoid Ingrowns2017-10-12T12:15:11+13:00

Better Eyebrows


Eyebrows. They are currently one of the biggest trends in the makeup and beauty industry and taking it by storm. Something that used to be so easily overlooked in a daily make up routine just needed a boost from the crowned 2016 'eyebrow queen' Cara Delevingne to bring this brow movement into the spotlight. [...]

Better Eyebrows2017-10-12T12:07:31+13:00
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